Situation Report – The Left is an Enemy of the State

October 16, 2018

Situation Report – The Left is an Enemy of the State

SITREP – The Left is an Enemy of the State

Greetings. This is my first Blog Post. After working for nearly three decades behind the scenes, first for the United States Government (USG) and then as a voice for We the People, I was recruited to offer my thoughts on current events. This first format I will call the SITUATION REPORT (SITREP).

I just needed to get some thoughts out of My mind and into the open. I am free to have a decent, respectful debate or discussion based on what I am about to say because I feel this is important. However, what I do not tolerate is reckless ranting, profanity, and Ad Hominem (or ‘personal’) attacks. Quality in, quality out.

With that said, let’s begin. 

When it comes to political discourse, all I have seen these last two to three years is a bunch of people who already don't like President Trump complaining about anything and everything he does. Anyone being honest with themselves understands this is to be expected.

So I will ask a question that basically comes up all the time when speaking to the Left (and this also applies when the Right is out of power, too): "Given that President Trump doesn't do the things you like (after all you did not vote for him for this very reason), is there anything President Trump could do that you would agree with?"

Clearly, the answer is no.

Wishing "if only he would do what the Democrats want, then I could support him" is a display of intellectual dishonesty on the part of Democrat voters and media, and is exactly why we vote for a candidate in the first place, to make our wishes known.

The Democrats use this as their primary means of trying to appear "reasonable" while at the same time using a child's tactic to try to get their way: "Of course we can work with the President, as soon as he comes over to our side of the discussion...".

Elections Have Consequences

If the Kavanaugh Confirmation fiasco is any indicator, there is no limit to how underhanded or how dangerous to our Republic the Left will be. Attempting to destroy key pillars of our society (Presumption of Innocence, Evidentiary-based investigation, Equal Justice under the law, etc.) just to regain power is a very dangerous road to travel.

After the thrashing the Left took on Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, all the minority party can do now is hold out. That is their only remaining political power. Well, that and casuistry.

Yet the party out of power is doing all it can to incite the unhinged segment of their base. This is where it gets dangerous, for a party that seeks to regain power by any means necessary is a dangerous entity. The calls for aggression lead these people to riot, engage in screaming, intimidation, doxing and all manner of uncivilized activity.

It seems many Americans either don't believe it will happen or don't care, but if this current trend in political discourse continues, nothing will get better for Democrats or Republicans, and We the People and the country as a whole will suffer painfully because of it. 

How We Got Here

When our elected representatives (these people are NOT our leaders; People need to erase that notion from their minds) fail to represent us, they become the enemy.

Clearly, these people in positions of power and influence can recognize that We the People have had enough of everyone's crap, right? It began with the TEA Party taking out all sorts of politicians on the Right in order to teach Republicans a lesson they apparently refuse to learn: We are YOUR bosses. You do want WE say, not the other way around.

Liberals laughed as they thought the Right was eating their own. They weren't. They were throwing out the trash, and Liberals had a chance to take the lesson, but as we all know, that is impossible. It's not a matter of stupidity (although that is WILDLY rampant), it is a matter of power, and clearly, there is no standard the Left won't break in the short term in order to regain power (also to be short-lived).

This is why, even though we managed to elect the first known black President of the United States, Democrats lost power everywhere else, over 1000 positions in ten years with almost no individual leadership positions regained, and as power was lost, the reaction to it increased and has become more and more destructive. (If the Left can't have it, NO ONE can).

That is a dangerous position to operate from. So now, riots, mass assaults, destruction of property, disruption of systems, forced censorship of Freedom of Speech in the public square, even an attempt at an ACTUAL assassination of a politician is the modus operandi of the Left. 

Act Like the Enemy, Become the Enemy

The Left is literally trying to destroy America from within. I don't see the end goal being the recapturing of political power by the Left. The goal clearly is to cause as much strife and damage as possible because they KNOW they aren't getting that power back any time soon.

The removal of the very notions of what makes America "America" will cause nearly irreparable damage to this country. What shall they do next? Tear down the Statue of Liberty?

The Left is now the Party of Destruction. They have been trying to remold America for decades, slowly attacking the very institutions that made this country great: marriage, the nuclear family, independence, strong work ethic, the sense of community, the Melting Pot!

So where do we go from here? I will approach this subject a little later, but please give Me reactions and feedback. I want your REASONED thoughts and counterpoints.

-WF (By The People) 

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