DICTA - Analysis: American Revolution 2.0

November 08, 2018

DICTA - Analysis: American Revolution 2.0

Geographic Majority vs. Popular Majority. This is a depiction of New York State after the 2018 midterm elections. What do you see?

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It looks like New York is a Red State, does it not? And yet it is now fully dominated by a Democrat Governor (again for his fourth term), a Democrat State Senate and a Democrat Assembly, giving Democrats full political control of the state. But does that seem to represent what the make up of the state is? 

The clear answer is "no".

I can tell you that upstate New York is absolutely miserable over this new reality. More and more they are forced to live under rules that New York City imposes upon them, from the Fracking ban (which would turn NY into an overnight top energy producer), to high taxes to the S.A.F.E. Act (which imposes unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights), to over-burdensome laws and regulations.
This appears to be the battle of our time
How do we achieve parity? How do we properly develop a government that represents our desires rather than the desires of those hundreds of miles away from us? And by "us" I mean each of us regardless of what chosen ideology we wish to follow.
We must return to a representative Government of the People, by the People, for the People, and the Federal Government certainly isn't it.
To be completely honest, neither are the State Governments.
We've returned to the age of City-States again, and that is not a good thing.
We are Individual Sovereigns. All power derives from us. So how did we lose our way?
We allowed our power to be usurped by those who seek to aggregate power for themselves, as man has always done.
And so we are now, once again, fighting for our freedom.
Our Power is aggregating at the cities. These cities concentrate our power against the will of the states they reside in. So how do we neutralize the aggregation of our power at the city level?
Restructure the States

We do what we've done before. The Original thirteen states were not like they are today. The southern states extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. From those larger states, smaller states were created: West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, for example.
We break our large states into smaller, more manageable and representative states. Allow people to be ruled by their beliefs, whether it is a more liberal system or a more conservative one.

This needs to be done across the land. Break the states up. Reconfigure the nation as the people desire it. Allow us to live as we wish, while not infringing upon how others want to live. This is what America was intended to do. Let's go ahead and pull Guam, Puerto Rico, the American Virgin Islands and American Samoa to statehood already.
Power of the People
Power in America works best when it is inversely proportional. The greatest amount of power resides in each of us, but that great power is split among us all. Most power, least ability to influence. Aggregated power at the Federal Level has the most ability to influence, but must be limited in how it uses that power.
We need to return to this form of governance again, for the sake of the Union. If New York City and Los Angeles wants to live the life of liberals, high taxes, government services, and restricted freedoms, they should be allowed to do so, but they should be made to do so alone, instead of dragging the remainder of the state with them. Allow upstate NY and the rural areas of California to live as they wish, low taxes, more freedom, less government interference.
Break the states up, into 100 new states. Two hundred total Senators. Fifty new state capitols. Fifty new Governors. Fifty new Legislatures. Fifty new State Constitutions. Redistribute the representation of the House of Representatives. Divide each state population by reasonable number of persons per representative, such as 100,000 (10 representatives per million). Reduce Federal Influence back to the levels intended, as a unifying force that keeps its hands off of state business and rights.
We could call this the American Revolution 2.0, and it would not require a single drop of blood to be shed in its formation, but rather a voluntary reshifting of the Union so that people can be represented by their local beliefs, instead of being forced to live under an oppressive federal yoke.
It is the best way to prevent a second Civil War.

-WF (By The People)

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